Keep the Bugs Out of Your Beverage

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Keep the Bugs Out of Your Beverage


Keep those pesky flies from doing the backstroke in your mojito with these summery fruit themed perler bead cup covers!

This fun project was spotted on German artist Pfefferminzgruen’s Instagram. I couldn’t find a tutorial, but the photos speak for themselves. You’ll  need to use a round perler bead board (available in craft stores) to build your design, and don’t forget to leave a hole in the center big enough to fit a straw.

As an added bonus to keeping bugs out, these also serve the function of a wine charm that can identify your guests’ drinks apart. In the case of an indoor party, they work great as coasters for cold drinks too.


Don’t want to show up empty handed to your next summer party? These make a terrific hostess gift, and I’m sure the recipient will be pleased as punch!

3 thoughts on “Keep the Bugs Out of Your Beverage

  1. Eleanor says:

    Hi, what colors are used for these please? Tia xx

  2. Bob says:

    The only way to keep things from getting on and in your drink is to use a total completely closed cover/lid.

    This is why the Bug Not was invented.

    This is a reusable, machine washable, long lasting, portable drink protector that works on all types of drink containers plus cans.


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