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Food and drawing … It’s a beautiful combination. Johanna Kindvall, of Sweden and New York City, keeps a recipe blog called Kokblog, where she includes a drawing with each recipe. I like how free form it is. Sometimes it’s a drawing of the finished dish, or one ingredient. But other times it might be a depiction of people after they’ve eaten the food, or a drawing of her and a friend smoking hookah in the garden before dinner. Her drawings capture the impression of the meal experience that she is left with. I hope you have delicious and memorable meals this weekend. Cheers!

28 thoughts on “Kokblog – Illustrated Recipe Blog

  1. slm523 says:

    The first drawing in this series is DISGUSTING…..it depicts two people sitting around after they have SMOKED DOPE AS THEIR MEAL.
    If this image is NOT REMOVED IMMEDIATELY, I will cancel my subscription and never buy one of your mags or view any of your emails in the future.
    SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

  2. kj says:

    That’s why art is art, while your opinion may or may not matter, you don’t have to look at it. look at it for what it is… why not look at the positive things? look at the consistency, the beautiful lines, the detail in the hookah? But depriving YOURSELF of a great website, and great inspiration is just silly. you don’t like it don’t look! and… do you live in a cave? homosexuality?murder? uh… hellooooo… do you have a tv???
    Artist: like your style!

  3. MamaCakes says:

    First of all, if you had read carefully the first illustration is of people smoking a hookah BEFORE their meal.
    Secondly, hookah pipes are instruments used for smoking TOBACCO. The smoke is filtered by passing through water. Hookahs are commonly used for TOBACCO smoking in the Middle East and in Asia. And hookah bars are also found all over the world and even in Canada and the US.
    It is simply ignorant and presumptuous for you to assume that the presence of a hookah pipe means that dope is being used. If you saw a syringe in someone’s purse or bathroom would you assume that person was a heroin addict as opposed to a diabetic?
    Finally it is a DRAWING. If you don’t like it, then don’t look at it. Delete the email. Get over it.
    If you are truly this offended over a lovely illustration depicting another culture’s benign social activity then perhaps you should cancel your subscription. I am positive that someone who believes that homosexuality is as offensive as murder is not someone CRAFT would want to have as a subscriber anyway.

  4. kj says:

    go mamacakes! :)

  5. slm523 says:

    OH PLEEEEEEEEASE!!!! Everyone, in their right mind, KNOWS that these kinds of instruments are used to smoke heroine, or whatever dope of choice one decides….and in the first place, these are definitely poor quality “drawings.” Misshapen heads, bodies and out of proportion, to boot.
    You can tout “diversity” in cultures all you want, but in MANY people’s books, homosexuality and murder are one in the same….so now honey, put that in your “pipe” and smoke it.
    This is not a very “welcoming” site now it is….if someone cannot post THEIR idea of what is and is not art…..guess you narrow minded people live in your own world…..but I am sorry for you…..very sorry.

  6. slm523 says:

    And for YOUR information….IN TODAY’S WORLD……”hookah’s ARE used for illicit drug use……and if you think otherwise, you need to cover your little head back up and go back into the cave you obviously call home. GIVE ME A BREAK……PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE…..

  7. solidsnstripes says:

    CRAFT: please do not delete this post or any of the pictures. That would just satisfy those who want to constrain our thinking and censor real life. An artist has the right to express themselves and you as an organization have the right to allow them a gateway to be heard and share their message with others and inspire others.
    and in response to the other comments that have been left, I would like people to see how diverse CRAFT is and there are many crafts and topics that are 100% all ages appropriate. (not that this post isn’t). I have a son and if he asked me, at any age, what the first picture represented, I would tell him in all honesty because there’s nothing offensive about it and its a cultural staple to many, so why shouldn’t he know what it is?
    Thank you for all you do. Keep up the great work!!
    *Kelly Goodman*

  8. kj says:

    oh, are you still here? I thought you were canceling your subscription?

  9. MamaCakes says:

    Actually this is a very welcoming site. The first indication is that they let your inflammatory comment remain posted. I am surprised that you are so taken aback by the reactions your provocative art critique has attracted. And like you, I am simply expressing MY thoughts and feelings although with fewer caps.
    That being said – I believe the illustrations are wonderful, light and reminiscent of Picasso and Lennon. The blog is wonderful too and I cannot wait to try some of her recipes, particularly the rhubarb chutney.

  10. Natalya says:

    If slm523 wants to bash homosexuals he/she needs to go to some other place

  11. Laura Cochrane says:

    Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts. Here on the Craft blog we want people to be able to say what they think, but I do want to extend a reminder that we have a “be nice” commenting policy.
    Even if your voice is alone in a sea of voices saying the opposite of what you believe, it’s important to maintain kindness. Civility and kindness.
    Thanks again,

  12. Kokblog says:

    As the illustrator and one of the character in the drawing I have to point out that me and my friend only smoked a very light tobacco flavored w/ apple! And we drank tea! I have never used any heavy drugs in my life. In fact I used to be a social worker and for many years I worked at several different treatment programs for drug addicts.
    Craft: Thanks again for a really lovely post about my work.

  13. MamaCakes says:

    Beautiful illustrations! Thank you for your wonderful blog. I love learning about other cultures especially through food. Keep up the great work.

  14. Kokblog says:

    Thanks MamaCakes! I agree its fantastic to learn about other cultures through food.

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