Phooky’s Soft-Boiled Eggbot

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Phooky’s Soft-Boiled Eggbot
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MakerBot Industries co-founder Adam “Phooky” Mayer has vowed to build a robot a month in 2013:

As midnight approached this New Year’s Eve– as champagne bubbled from uncorked necks and we all prepared for the coming year in various postures of revelry or bleak resignation– I grappled silently with the pivotal question of our time: “How awesome are robots?” The answer is of course that robots are completely awesome. That settled, I resolved to build one robot a month for the duration of 2013.

Phooky built his egg cooking robot out of junk including the heating element and thermistor from an espresso machine and other parts he found lying around NYC Resistor. Code and design files on Phooky’s Github.

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