PlaTVer and Other TV Hacks – Upcoming in MAKE Magazine

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PlaTVer and Other TV Hacks – Upcoming in MAKE Magazine

For MAKE Volume 32, coming out this summer, an article that I’m especially excited about will detail hacks that you can do with a regular living room TV, turning it into something unusual, ambient, or interactive when you’re having a party. The authors of the article are the NYC-based video art duo LoVid, and they’re collaborating with Tanya Bezreh, Clay Lacefield, Oliver Lyons, Douglas Repetto, and Ron Rosenman for the different TV hacks.

Here’s a sneak peak at one of the pieces, the PlaTVer, by Tanya Bezreh. I think it’s such a simple and beautiful idea — use a flat-screen TV as an animated serving platter. We’ll publish video backgrounds to use with the PlaTVer when the issue comes out, including the dancing crudités seen in the video here.

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