Retro-Gaming Cake Brings Back Memories, Dysentery

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Retro-Gaming Cake Brings Back Memories, Dysentery

You know all of those “if you’re a certain age, you should get what this is?” images that float around Facebook? This Oregon Trail cake, spotted on Dorkly, could serve as one of those. I wasted…er… spent countless hours of my young life playing this game on an Apple II. And my, what a *lovely* sentiment for a birthday cake.


Snake Cake. Run for Your Lives!

12 thoughts on “Retro-Gaming Cake Brings Back Memories, Dysentery

  1. lrwickerdesign says:

    Oh no, not Oregon Trail…

  2. Retro-Gaming Cake Brings Back Memories, Dysentery | My Daily Feeds says:

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  3. engineerzero says:

    I read the Journals of Lewis and Clark. They reported abundant game, mainly peaceful and helpful natives, and not a single death on the expedition. Their guide was a teenage girl who brought along her baby. They not only went to Oregon, they came back too.

  4. Gillian BenAry says:

    I used to get so upset when my relatives died, I had to stop naming them after my REAL relatives.

  5. MAKE | Your Comments says:

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  6. Cecil Adams says:

    they STILL have Oregon Trail on the computers at my school :P lawl <— go 2

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