Spiral Slicing Your Food

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Spiral Slicing Your Food


Ever since my friend bought herself a spiralizing vegetable machine, I have been desperately wanting one for myself because zucchini noodles are the most amazing thing I have eaten this year! The one thing that still bugs me is that the entire gadget (except for the cutting blades) is made from plastic, and I worry that I will break it very quickly.

So naturally, my maker-brain starts turning and wonders if I could create my own DIY version of the spiralizer. After a little bit of internet searching to see if anyone else has had my genius idea, I came across this macgyvered version of a slicing tool which I thought was quite charming, though still terribly impractical. This hack is not recommended for kids, I cringe at about 2:13 in the video, fearing for those finger tips.

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Looking for a new spin on preparing the classic summertime meat log, a.k.a. the hot dog? Check out this fun spiralizing how-to from chow.com.

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