Sriracha Embroidery

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One of my flickr contacts, christ(ine), posted this perfectly rendered sriracha embroidery. This is the only hot sauce in my house, and its sweetspicy is addictive. In fact, it has an almost cult-like following. I’m not surprised one bit that she felt compelled to stitch this up, but I am shocked at how well she created the complicated characters. and details. Art imitates life, and in this case, craft imitates food.

6 thoughts on “Sriracha Embroidery

  1. Page22 says:

    This is really well done. Reminds me of the Artist Karen Reimer.

  2. KentKB says:

    Though not the only hot sauce in our house it is the one we use the most. We had it last night on BBQ pork ribs served over rice noodles and in a peanut cole slaw too!
    Great Job!

  3. embroideryopw says:

    This embroidery design is really different, hope i would get time to make it out on the pillow covers :)..

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