Textable Robotic Espresso Machine

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Textable Robotic Espresso Machine

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SMS text messaging is a versatile way to communicate. There doesn’t even have to be a human on the other side for a message to be useful. You can just as easily send a text to a robot as to a friend. That must have been what cloud texting provider Zipwhip were thinking when they built their textable automated expresso machine. The idea being: if you’re on your way to work and you need a little pick-me-up, just text your favorite drink order to the device and it will kick into gear to have your brew waiting for you as you get into the office. The machine itself is just a demo, but if there are any espresso equipment manufacturers out there, you might want to take notes. [via TheVerge]

8 thoughts on “Textable Robotic Espresso Machine

  1. Eric Rasmussen says:

    Not sure I will be able to text “cappuccino” before my first cup of coffee!

    1. zipwhip says:

      You bring up a good point, Eric. Good luck with that :)

    2. Fatemeh says:

      That’s what ifttt is for!

  2. engineerzero says:

    Isn’t there an app for sending pre-recorded text messages so that you don’t have to type in all the ingredients every time you text your standard pizza order for take out? In fact, it may not even be an app, it may be a standard feature on some phone systems.

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