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With all the parties coming up this holiday season, you’re gonna need a handy way to transport baked goods. Enter the Cupcake Courier, a super-cute carrying case that comes in four translucent colors and holds 36 cupcakes, muffins, or other treats. You can also remove the interior trays and use it as a cake carrier–how great is that? This would also be a perfect gift for the baker in your life. Link.

4 thoughts on “The Cupcake Courier

  1. ratphooey says:

    FYI: Oneida’s cupcake carrier is less than half the cost of that one. It only holds two dozen cupcakes, but how often do you need to cart around more than that?

  2. Jenny Ryan says:

    Thanks for the tip! I own a Martha Stewart carrier from Kmart, but like ths one a lot better precisely because it holds so many– and a lot of my mom friends have told me about having to lug 30+ cupcakes to school functions, etc. Plus I love that it doubles as a cake carrier. But it’s cool there are options for everyone out there.

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