Freaky Halloween projection window – eep!


Wow – I think strolling by Mark Gervais’ Hallowindow animation would definitely scare the heck out of me. Just watching the spiders in this clip was a lil’ trip to creep city (population: me).

He sells a DVD of the above sequence on his site for such decorative haunting, but one could do a lot with a projector hooked up to a video camera – perhaps a little face paint and a flashlight, and you could be host to a giant speaking head in your window, interacting realtime with incoming guests. freaky chic!

2 thoughts on “Freaky Halloween projection window – eep!

  1. darus67 says:

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…

    This could be even cooler as interactive software. Hook up
    some motion sensors and have the animation react to visitors
    in real time.

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