Beware of Gravity Dips

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Beware of Gravity Dips

Spotted on Facebook. The floor of a Paris game store. The floor is, of course, flat.

29 thoughts on “Beware of Gravity Dips

  1. matt says:

    I’m interested if it looks as cool from other directions.

    1. Gareth Branwyn says:

      I had that same thought. How many good viewing angles does this actually have?

      1. Abby says:

        Since its painted,i think only one. But yes,cool from that one spot.

  2. jibjab says:

    I wonder if it looks raised from opposite side

    1. d4l3d says:

      Nope. The floor looks flat but the store goes all warpy. (Kidding. I’ll probably never get to Paris.)

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  4. middoth says:

    anyone knows the name of the shop? im actually in Paris!

    1. tolomea says:

      Here’s the original on flickr the author says “Inside the Fnac at La Defense. While this looks good in photos, it’s not convincing in reality.”

  5. middoth says:

    merci beaucoup!

  6. Frugal Frights and Delights says:

    This is just awesome! I want a floor like this!

  7. D says:

    I wonder why gravity seems greater where there are no items. This must be proof of Dark Matter.

  8. Alissa Mower Clough says:

    You know, it reminds me of the organic architecture of Hundertwasser…Hell on furniture, fun to walk in.

  9. Walter Anderson says:

    Shame that in the US a store that did this would most likely loose the lawsuit when some idiot fell on their backside…

    1. MostlyDigital says:

      I was going to say, “customer wearing eye patch enter, trips and falls, Sues”.

  10. Eric Boyd says:

    Here’s another shot of the floor, from a different angle, and you can see why it might not be as believable in person:

  11. Marshgre says:

    Roads painted like this would slow down traffic in pedestrian dense areas.

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  13. BilgisayarServisi says:

    wow greatt ! :)

  14. Bob says:

    Gould you reverse the concept and make a roller park look flat?

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  17. agogo22 says:

    Reblogged this on msamba.

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