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The Bi-Cycle is a unique two headed tandem bicycle concepted by industrial designer Elad Barouch. Both riders pedal. Both riders steer. It’s like a mix of exercise and couples’ counseling that allows two cooperating individuals to look sweet upon the seat.

I wasn’t really joking about the couples’ counseling part. In a Bike Hacks interview last December, Elad described his inspiration for the bike:

So the idea for final shape of the Bi-Cycle really came since it was the ultimate way to explain my observation about the way to resolve disputes which is in short, at first we need to establish trust and learn to communicate, then we can start moving forward, once we are moving we can master our communication skills and than that is left is pure fun. This is the reason why when riding the Bi-Cycle, both riders have complete control on the steering and the pedaling, making their influence on the riding the same thus creating the need to communicate.

Bike Hacks’ Interview With Elad Barouch

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