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BMX DJ Interface

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If you’ve ever thought that your BMX bike was lacking the requisite dj gear, you’re in luck. Designed for an ad for Japanese bicycle sharing service Cogoo, the Turntable Rider adds a handlebar-mounted crossfader, jog wheel controller to the rim, and various other sensors to trigger preprogrammed loops to accompany you as you pull trick after trick. Sound too good to be true? Well, if Cogoo get enough interest, they plan to start producing the kit commercially. [via The Verge]

2 thoughts on “BMX DJ Interface

  1. GCF says:

    The sync between moves and music seems too good to be without intervention of an editor or outside DJ. Why would the track know to do a countdown if the bike goes into a stall? How would it know to ramp up intensity in some spots and not others? I am skeptical. I don’t think that the concept is invalid, just that the video is not a representation of the arrhythmic noise that would be generated during some of the moves presented based on the controls they initially show.

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