Color 3D Prints – “Print” World of Warcraft characters

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Color 3D Prints – “Print” World of Warcraft characters

Here we go – 3D printing, in color, of World of Warcraft characters – “With the help of some friends at CADD Edge we were able to get a color 3D print of our favorite World of Warcraft gnome. All we had to do was export our cleaned up and textured models as VRML files, which they fed right into their ZCorp printer.”Link.


  • Anvil Prototypes now offers this as service – Link.
  • Ogle (use to extract the 3D models) – Link.

Expect to see a booth at the mall that will do this in the next year or so…

8 thoughts on “Color 3D Prints – “Print” World of Warcraft characters

  1. norcalbarney says:

    I’ve heard rumors that you’ll be able to do this with your characters from Spore. Once you evolve it, it uploads to the main server (so it can propigate to other users games), and you can print it on a ZCorp starch printer. Pretty cool that the software company is providing that as a service if you ask me.

  2. oldbenway says:

    LOL, the character’s name is “gnomechomsky.”

  3. gonabes says:—pictires.html—all-about-Aaliyah.html—baby-picture.html

  4. Lars-Phobe says:

    How big is this gnome fig? There’s no sense of scale.

    What’s the rough cost on these sorta prototypes? Anvil doesn’t list prototype costs online, they want a give a detailed quote, but I just want to know if this is around $5, $20, $50, $100, $200, $500, etc.

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