Coming Soon: Build a Single Speed Bike Podcast

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Dave helped me build a single speed bike!

Looking to fix up your bike for summer? My next podcast will teach you how to make an awesome single speed bike from a few junk bikes! My buddy Dave who messes around with bikes obsessively taught me a lot about bike building and the video is turning out great. I can’t wait to release it this Friday! Subscribe in itunes and get it downloaded automatically right when I post it! – Link

10 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Build a Single Speed Bike Podcast

  1. Enk1du says:

    Sounds great! I was thinking about working on a bike this summer.

  2. TheThompsonFive says:

    By single speed do you mean fixed gear? That’s a cool project. Just remember to watch your fingers!

  3. Bre says:

    Hey TheThompsonFive,

    I will watch my fingers!!!

    I was thinking about a fixed gear, but opted for a single speed with freewheel. I didn’t feel like NYC streets are a good place to test my ability to stop with reverse pressure.

    Thanks for your comment.


  4. billjank says:

    Won’t it be kind of a short podcast? As in:

    1. Remove chain.
    2. Re-route around chosen chainring and cog without deraileurs
    3. Remove appropriate number of links
    4. Fasten chain
    5. Remove unnecessary hardware
    6. ?????
    7. Profit!

    I kid. I picked up a Gussett conversion kit last year, and have had a blast.

  5. FalcoTheImpaler says:

    unless (oh no) they tell us how to make a bike from Scratch, using nothing but PVC, some abandoned tires, and some sort of rubberband.

    THAT would be cool.

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