DIY: Bike Rack

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DIY: Bike Rack

This is a really easy project made out of a Thule rack and a bed extender. I really don’t like roof racks that much since they can be a challenge to load and unload. It is much easier to get a couple of bikes on this rack.

I bought a Thule roof rack from Goodwill a couple of years ago. I have only had it on the RL once because it is too much to put up there and take down and frankly I’m not a fan of roof racks anyways. I also had a $30 bed extender (the other kind for wood that hangs over your tail gate) sitting in the corner which I have only used once. I also had some steel stock sitting in another corner of the garage. (Yes, I have a lot of crap sitting in corners. If there were any more crap in the corners, my garage would be round.

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6 thoughts on “DIY: Bike Rack

  1. its a truck says:

    pretty interesting idea (‘they’ do sell these though)… may work well for other vehicles….

    but your vehicle is a TRUCK. may i suggest you put the bikes IN the truck. that’s what that big empty rectangular box is for — you know the one behind the cab. :)

    1. Marc de Vinck says:

      “that’s what that big empty rectangular box is for” That’s funny….I know too many people with pickups that have never used the bed for anything.

      I have never owned a pickup truck, but I would think having an attachment to the hitch is desirable for several reasons.

      It is easy to get the rack on/off (should be just a pin to remove)

      Easier to get the bikes on/off (OK, not that much easier)

      In certain cases I would think it is better to have the bed available for other “things”

      Remember, you can put this on an small SUV and/or cross-over vehicle too. The kind without the big empty rectangular box. :)

  2. Wilson! says:

    Do Ridgeline owners consider them to be “trucks” ???


    Seriously, though, is the bed long enough to carry ATBs without removing the front wheel?

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