DIY Labyrinth from a CD Case

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DIY Labyrinth from a CD Case


Finally a great use for all those empty CD cases you’ve been saving! I love how simple these are to create, so simple in fact that it makes an awesome activity for kids to make themselves and play with afterwards.


The magical material used for the maze borders is a malleable wax covered string product that I’ve definitely see in my local dollar store, but can also be found in larger craft stores as well.

The layout of your maze can easily be changed again and again since the wax strings do not permanently adhere to the plastic. Once the maze is mastered, make up a new design for endless fun! Going on a road trip this summer? You may want to have these on hands to keep the kids entertained. A word of warning, you probably should not leave this game in the car on a hot summer’s day since they wax would become super soft.


This awesome project was created by Teri Dimalanta at the Giddy Giddy blog. Be sure to head over and get the full how-to!

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