DIY videotape pinball

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Some time last year, there was a bunch of news about how VCR tapes would no longer be manufactured. Around the same time I noticed that none of the VCRs showing up at the dump had digital tuners. Wouldn’t it have been nice if those manufacturers could have dropped in a little extra circuit board to extend the life of their hardware? Even the ones with tape and DVD don’t have digital tuners. Go figure. So it serves them right that now all this hardware ends up being excellent project fodder!

This looks like it would be a great school project to examine the design process. Anybody up for trying it in their classroom?

In a very short time, this video lays out the concept, shows how to get started, explains that you should save certain things, details a little of the construction, and leaves the specific details to the creative minds of the people doing the project. There are a lot of ways that we could go at this project, lights, sound, counters, programming. Do your stuff and show it off in the MAKE Flickr pool!

[Thanks, Norm!]

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