Lego domino row-bot makes setup a snap

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Lego domino row-bot makes setup a snap


Matthias’ Lego domino row building machine takes the tedium out of laying out lengthy domino runs – and looks pretty smooth doing it. A motor from an old tape deck keeps the little guy moving forward and equally spacing each handmade wooden piece –

The key idea that makes the machine work is that the magazine is just a row of dominoes dragged along the table. This avoids the problem of having to somehow lower the dominoes onto the table. My first unsuccessful attempts back in 1985 involved dropping the dominoes out of the magazine onto the table. But the impact of dropping the dominoes would often cause them to tip over, with ruinous consequences.

Project pics and much more of his process can be located over at WoodGears. [Thanks, Mark!]


Domino run tips

4 thoughts on “Lego domino row-bot makes setup a snap

  1. relawson says:

    that works pretty well!

    i’m thinking a “human powered” version that you push and can make the turns and twists… hmmm, i’m thinking i’ll be playing with some lego and knex tonight!

  2. jeff-o says:

    Very cool. I had a toy that did this when I was a kid. That, and long “tracks” of pre-laid dominoes on hinges! Hmmm, I wonder if my mom kept all that stuff…

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