Drumbrella sings The Doom Song

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Drumbrella sings The Doom Song

This is a concept design, aka Rain Drum, from one Dong Min Park, whose personal web presence, if it exists, seems to be eluding me, possibly because it originates somewhere in Asia and is completely orthogonal to my English-language googling.

Another hint that whoever created these images is not a native English speaker: The onomatopoeia he or she has chosen for the sound of rain striking the membranes is “doom,” which is not exactly great marketing, but is pretty amusing, both in and of itself, and because it evokes The Doom Song from Invader Zim.

4 thoughts on “Drumbrella sings The Doom Song

  1. AKADriver says:

    Unfortunately he shares his name with a number of unrelated people. I found one page talking about it – in the comments, someone asks how to contact the designer. The poster replies “try googling it”!


  2. Emprego Curitiba says:

    adorei esse site! mto batacado sex shopom!

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