The Easiest Way to Levitate a DeLorean

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The Easiest Way to Levitate a DeLorean
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The internet is going wild with Back to the Future references this week. Why? Because today, October 21, 2015, is the day that Marty McFly arrives in the future. This glorious vision from the 80’s of what the future would look like was burned into the minds of many impressionable youth when the movies were released, and we’ve been simply waiting for the days of hoverboards and hologram Jaws movies.

Of course, we know those days have not come. While there may be some hoverboards out there, they certainly aren’t to the quality of the Mad dog that Griff Tannon brandishes, not even close. So why is everyone celebrating? Well, it’s fun. Just go with it.

You may find, however, that you don’t have the skills or time to go all out and do something incredible. Don’t worry, there’s a really simple way to have your own impressive levitating DeLorean or Hoverbaord. Just buy a prop and a levitating platform and then slap them together.

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Yes, you can buy a levitating platform. This is basically just a neat trick of magnets and electronics that allows a little platform to levitate above its base. The Levitron Fascinations is roughly $60 on Amazon and holds a surprising amount of weight. Simply plop the prop of your choice on top, and you’re done. You may not have done anything insanely complex, but this will surely impress anyone visiting.

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Like I said, these things can hold a surprising amount of weight. They state that it can hold up to 13 ounces in mid-air. That isn’t too shabby!

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Even a quick foam hoverboard works with this. Just be careful how you balance things. The “hockey puck” looking part of the device really needs to be perfectly centered to the mass of the prop.

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