Evolving Wii control experience

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Evolving Wii control experience

So you want to play motion based games on something other than the Wii product? Try out the Darwin, the latest evolution in gaming.

Magnetometers that check the controller’s movement against the earth’s magnetic core. So cool. The result of all these sensors in the controller is that it gives a very accurate rendering of motion.

They developed the technology for a golf swing data gatherer, but there was no real mass market until the Wii. 30 million Wii consoles later, and suddenly they don’t have to hitch their wagon to fussy pro athletes.

Gamespot has a good interview with Motus CEO Satayan Mahajan and Technology Review has a good piece as well.

Thanks Tien!

Have you tried the Darwin? The writeups say that it will work on other platforms, and on the pc as well. Are you happy with your wiimote, or do you need something more full featured?

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