Featured Maker: Shing Yin Khor

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Featured Maker:  Shing Yin Khor

Artist and illustrator Shing Yin Khor’s online bio begins with a single four-word sentence: “I am a maker.”

We like that.

Right now, Shing, who spends her daylight hours operating under deep cover as an online security specialist, is making and selling handmade sculptures and gaming miniatures from her “Specimen 7 collection:”

These creatures were found on the estate of Mrs. Edna Lee Ellis(1949-2008), the second wife of disgraced scientist Charles Ellis(1930-1998), well known for his research into other-planetary life forms. Although much of Dr. Ellis’ research is now considered to be a elaborate hoax, or at least not reproducible, we have no explanation for the thousands of carefully preserved specimens found in the Ellis basement.

Shown uppermost is Specimen A, nicknamed “Oopy,” who reportedly “was discovered in a file cabinet filled with hamburger wrappers.”


And this one is her D&D-inspired Shambling Mound miniature.


D&D fans–or online gamers, for that matter–will also probably recognize a Gelatinous Cube when they see one.


Steve, here, is number 28 in Shing’s series of petri-dish monsters. He likes indirect sunlight, bread crumbs, and not, so much, cats.


Shing lives in Los Angeles and describes herself thusly:

[I am] a sculptor and illustrator inspired by monsters, tentacles, mediocre science fiction movies, bikes, Dungeons and Dragons, and really adorable cats. Educated as a theatrical scenic designer and prop maker, and employed in the technology field, [I] now synthesize my eclectic skill set into accessible and affordable art ranging from desktop monster sculptures to walk-in spacepods installed at Burning Man.

You can see more of Shing’s work in her Makers Market store.

16 thoughts on “Featured Maker: Shing Yin Khor

  1. Everlasting Phelps says:

    Shing has mastered the ultimate path to internet fame — gaming, hacking, steampunk goggles and boobies.

    This is not a complaint.

    1. shing says:

      Well, the goggles were actually necessary in that specific context(the picture is from burning man 2008 – dust storms!) and I’m not actually a hacker(I do spam and phishing related work).:)

      The boobies…well, okay.

      1. relawson says:

        just keep doing it.

        keep on making.
        don’t stop.


        i wish i could do more :(

  2. Carnes says:

    hahah, i love the petri dish ones..

  3. Gareth Branwyn says:

    She’s a living, breathing incarnation of Tank Girl. Awesome!

  4. phm says:

    Great work, I guess that these sculptures look like some of the things that H.P. Lovecraft dreamed of when he wasn’t having nightmares.
    They do not look evil at all (except for the gelatinous cube, which gives me the shivers)

  5. Velcro King says:

    I’ve been meaning to make myself a good Gelatinous Cube piece out of clear resin, but have been dragging my feet on the project, making modular tiles and other custom figs for the game I run.

    If you’re into D&D[IY] and molds/mold-making, I highly recommend checking out Hirst Arts:

  6. Featured Maker:  Shing Yin Khor Ian Lee says:

    The monsters are cool, but…

    after that last pic I just want to see more of Shing!

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