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Robert Oschler, of RobotsRule, sent us news of these new videos WowWee has just released, showing their “Femisapien” (ugh) robot, which features poseable scripting. In the first video, WowWee (and BEAM) robotics guru Mark Tilden shows how the scripting works. The second, rather goofy, video shows two bots fencing as they play back their scripts.

More about the Femisapien at RobotsRule.

4 thoughts on “Femisapien videos

  1. peter says:

    btw they both have red cards(i am a fencing ref.)so the one with out the leg rug would have won as far as i could tell 12-11over the rugged warior

  2. Jack of Most Trades says:

    … Her arms are of Iron,
    her legs of Steel
    Her hips are on Wires
    Attached to a Wheel
    Her spine is a Coil,
    That I now and then Oil,
    She’s my Ever-Lovin’ Machine…

    Thanks, Uncle Shel…

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