Giant garbage bag kite

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Giant garbage bag kite

Jesse Dill writes about the Garbasail kite on Build/Make/Craft/Bake:

I first found out about Garbasails when they were featured as Urban Dictionary’s word of the day. A few curious clicks later, I was completely hooked on the idea. It’s a simple formula: trash bags + duct tape + a lot of rope = one very large, very impressive-looking kite. My friend Harish and I decided to make it happen, and we hit the hardware store.

Flight of the Garbasail

4 thoughts on “Giant garbage bag kite

  1. SKR says:

    I have been making kites out of plastic grocery bags. I don’t use duct tape, but instead heat weld the bags with a soldering iron and some parchment paper. I sandwich the plastic between the parchment paper to control the heat. I plan on making a Teflon roller to fit in the soldering iron.

    That is a very large kite. I would suggest that you check out

    for descriptions of different kite shapes and designs.

  2. gear head says:

    You know that you can buy polyethylene sheet from home improvement stores right? Saves a lot of time joining the bags together. Last roll I bought was ( I think) 25 foot wide. I didn’t use it for such a fun purpose though. Plastic drop cloths work too as do lightweight tarps, and they even have eyelets pressed into the edges.

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