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Giant NES@!

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Here’s a giant NES measuring in at 8 ft. wide, 3ft height, 3ft long, and in weighing in at 400 pounds… [via] Thanks James! – Link (10/01/06 entry).

This goes great with the world’s largest NES Controller! – Link.
NES archives, hacks, mods and more – Link.

18 thoughts on “Giant NES@!

  1. Shadyman says:

    But does it run Linux?

  2. pen_sq says:

    Now you just need to make a giant game cart. 60 jumper cable clips should give a nice, secure edge contact. Better still, go for a mega-playstation that can play games off of vinyl!

  3. Foxhound says:

    Site has exceeded it’s bandwidth limits. Anyone got a mirror?

  4. Foxhound says:

    Site has exceeded it’s bandwidth limits. Anyone got a mirror?

  5. missioncontrol says:

    here’s his pictures of the NES at his photobucket account

  6. spongebathe says:

    hooray! now it needs a leaf blower to operate efficiently.

  7. ~~NGD says:

    This is my Giant NES. Thanks for all the kind comments. My website is back working again as of right now. Please stop by and sign my guestbook. I can’t believe how fast this has spread, it is now featured on 5 different sites. I hope to make Nintendo Power magazine when I got done with it all. Take care

  8. berniebamah says:


    So you don’t pass out multiple times, don’t forget the most important tool for the giant NES: a leaf blower.

  9. Godleydemon says:

    I love this I went around town bringing people back to my house or giving them the url for the site. I love the giant Game Boy as well. I also took the liberty of looking through your pictures on your photobucket. I can’t believe you have “the adventure of Link”. I want it… I’m trying to collect all the Zelda games ever made and though it was never named zelda it is still part of the series. Its even got a cute Zelda II marker on it, lol. I have almost all the games so far except for the first and the one you have, lol. Hey I’ll buy it off you, lol.

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