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This looks interesting. It’s a kid focused tutorial on programing ruby. It’s on my list to learn a bit about ruby. If you’ve played with this, let me know what you think in the comments! – Link

14 thoughts on “Hackety Hack

  1. sbma44 says:

    It’s by a guy called “why”, who’s kind of a legend in Ruby circles. He wrote/is writing Why’s Poignant Guide To Ruby, a truly weird introductory text. And he coded tryruby.hobix.com, an excellent interactive Ruby primer.

  2. j4c0b4d4ms says:

    Thanx, maybe it’s useful for me.

  3. hex4def6 says:

    Color me impressed. I’ve never tried Ruby before; this has made me want to start.

  4. dogzilla says:

    I would love to introduce my kids to this (LOGO isn’t really cutting it), but we’re tenaciously Mac-based in this house. Anyone know of anything along these lines for the Mac?

  5. amp2003 says:

    I’m a big fan. I’ve done some coding before, and I’ve hear of Ruby and Ruby on Rails, but I never thought I’d get around to learning it. I’ve zipped through the first few lessons, and I’ll definitely be finishing it up this weekend.

  6. bdelacey says:

    Mac and Linux versions are expected within a month.

  7. dogzilla says:

    Linux version is out. Mac version appears to be on indefinite hold. In fact, there’s been no activity or communication from the developer in 6 weeks or so, either on his own boards or in his code repository.

    So I’ll repeat my previous question: anyone know of any other ruby-based tools on the mac for teaching kids programming? Books, anything like that?

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