Halloween games – Braaaaiiinnnsss . . .

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Halloween games – Braaaaiiinnnsss . . .

Defective Yeti (Matthew Baldwin, one of my favorite bloggers, funny and smart) has once again graced his faithful readers with a three part review of Halloween games – the first post is about zombie games. I think it’s neat that one of them, Zombie in my Pocket, is a print-and-play.

Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game: Though a relatively recent addition to the genre (it came out last year), the growing consensus is that this is the best zombie game on the market. LNoE puts some players in the role of Heroes and the rest as Zombies, fighting tooth and nail (and, of course, chainsaw) in the heart of a small town. The best thing about LNoE is it’s replayability: the game comes with five different scenarios (with more available online), each of the playable Heroes is unique (the Hot Nurse can heal, the Sheriff always has a revolver, etc.), and the rulebook includes an “Advanced” section in case the basic game just doesn’t include enough dynamite for your liking. Plus, an expansion was just released, ensuring enough variability for many Halloweens to come.

All three parts are up – zombies are here, vampires and witches here, and “miscellaneous malevolence” here.

6 thoughts on “Halloween games – Braaaaiiinnnsss . . .

  1. The Oracle says:

    Don’t forget Cheapass games http://www.cheapass.com They had “The Great Brain Robbery”, the absolutely classic, “Lord of the Fries”, and several other zomebie games. They’re a great “low cost” publisher, and if you read their philosophy and history, they are very much makers at heart.

  2. Gareth Branwyn says:

    Oh yeah, Cheapass games is great!

    Does anybody here remember the old Metagaming/Steve Jackson Games microgames? Like Ogre, Undead, Necromancer, Battlesuit, Car Wars. I LOVED those games! Still have all of them stashed away in my attic, along with many find memories.

  3. The Oracle says:

    I remember Car Wars from that list. From Steve Jackson, I liked Proteus and Chez Geek. I always wanted to like Munchkin, but it seemed sound better than it was and I felt something was missing after every play, I would guess a lot of people felt that way which is why it sold so many expansions trying to fill in that missing feeling. Didn’t Steve Jackson also do GURPS?

    In my group, we used to call SJGames “halfassed” games to go with cheapass. It was because he deliberately leaves gaping holes in his rulesets to encourage “discusssion” around the game table as people try and resolve situations.

    In terms of cheapass, I once had a chance to play “James Ernst’s Totally Renamed Spy” game with James Ernst at a convention. I scored higher than him, so I can literally say I beat him at his own game. Someone was playing with the diceland parts and asked “Who comes up with these ideas?”, not realizing the designer was in the room. In unison about 5 of us all pointed at Mr. Ernst.

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