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Lifesize Mousetrap provides a great opportunity to see real world applications of physics, spectacle and problem solving. Perhaps you remember endless hours of fussing with cardboard and plastic parts trying to get the mousetrap together to catch the mouse. Mostly, I recall that the build was way more interesting than the actual game. Over the years, Mark Perez has built the life size version of Moustrap along with his band of merry Rubes. They’ve taken the show on the road to Maker Faires in Austin, Detroit and San Mateo. People keep asking for more, and so they’ve set up a Kickstarter campaign to fund a traveling version of Lifesize Mousetrap to bring to schools and demonstrate their festive take on the game.

Mark says of his goals for Lifesize Moustrap:

Year after year I answer requests to set up my unique contraption at science, and education centers music and art festivals all over the United states. The Mousetrap’s 2011 tour is booked again with the MAKER FAIRE’S in the San Francisco, the Henry Ford museum in Detroit, New York Hall of Science in Queens, and NW Michigan state’s Electric forest. Clearly there is a desire for what the Mousetrap can bring to a community. But sadly 9 times out of 10 the connection never comes to fruition for lack of production funding.

Step right this way to help Kickstart the greatest little bigified game in the world and bring it to kids everywhere!

via @TimOReilly

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