HOW TO – Gameboy pro sound mod

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HOW TO – Gameboy pro sound mod

Gbc Prosound2

Interested in chiptune/GB music? Consider performing the simple ‘prosound’ mod on a Gameboy Color. By essentially rerouting the headphone jack, you’ll lose some signal energy but attain a higher quality audio out.

Game Boy Color ProSound Modification

ProSound GBC on little-scale

[Updated – lose energy, not volume. Thanks, little-scale!]

8 thoughts on “HOW TO – Gameboy pro sound mod

  1. little-scale says:

    Hi there, the ProSound modification does not make the Game Boy lose volume, take for example these readings from the blog post you link to:
    GBC Headphone Socket
    Silence: -57.6 dBfs
    Music: -15.9 dBfs

    GBC ProSound Socket
    Silence: -65.7 dBfs
    Music: -2.2 dBfs

    You can see that the music of the ProSound Game Boy color is actually around 13dB louder than before the mod was done. (keeping in mind that 0dBfs is a reference to the maximum amplitude in a digital system, and dBfs is thus almost always negative in reference to this level).

    However, there is not enough ENERGY left in the output to run headphones very loudly.

    Kind regards.

  2. Collin Cunningham says:

    Aah, seems I overlooked the negative sign – I’ll update accordingly.

    Thanks for the correction!

  3. little-scale says:

    Hey, no problems

  4. vivi says:

    Higher levels, but less power which makes the “prosound” output unsuitable to speakers or headphones.

    Makes me wonder if the output amplifier and power supply filtering could be replaced by better ones. This would enable to use headphones with the better sound.

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