Incinerate Spiders with This Over-the-Top Flame Thrower

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Incinerate Spiders with This Over-the-Top Flame Thrower
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What did these guys do when they heard about someone burning down their house using hairspray to kill a spider? They immediately thought that it would be fun to take hairspray flame throwers to an extreme!

As they say at the beginning of the video, do not try this at home.

Alex Anderson and Ivan Owen, co hosts of the Danger First youtube channel have built this extreme spider incinerator. It isn’t your typical flamethrower design (if there is such a thing). This device is a bolt action flame thrower that uses rapid decompression of a hairspray can to fuel the flames. When a can is loaded into the machine, the handle allows you to puncture the bottom of the can, letting its entire contents blast toward the exit — and pilot light — with incredible speed and volume.

The results are pretty stunning. There is a massive, if short lived fireball followed by the satisfying KA-THUNK of releasing the spent can. This looks like an incredibly fun project that nobody, ever, should play with.

While they do jokingly have a bit of a cavalier attitude about the danger element, they have actually built in a bit of safety. There is a pressurized water system ready to flood the inside of the flamethrower if some liquid hairspray manages to ignite inside.


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