Kristal – Grow your own crystals

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Kristal – Grow your own crystals

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@NYC Toy Fair 2009Kistal, these are quartz-looking crystals you grow yourself. The crystal growth can be sped up and slowed down depending on the temperature, they grow in 2 to 7 days, but can grow longer/bigger for as long as you keep them in the solution (or until it evaporates). They are beautiful and depending on the kit you can also learn about crystal growth experiments onboard the International Space Station.

6 thoughts on “Kristal – Grow your own crystals

  1. Bob Sinclair says:

    Are the chemicals (relatively) harmless? And, more important, where can I get them in bulk, so as to grow very large crystals?

  2. Phillip Torrone says:

    @bob – if you ate it, at the most you might vomit (i asked)

  3. Unbwogable says:

    I had one of these as a kid! Exact same company, name and everything. They rock, and I couldn’t wait the week(ish) for the crystals to grow. Awesome!

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