Laser-less tactile rubik’s cube

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Laser-less tactile rubik’s cube

Instructables Member GTIG has a well documented Instructable on creating a tactile Rubik’s cube.

This cube brings a unique characteristic to solving a Rubik’s cube that no other cube does… the ability to say “I solved it without even looking at it once.”

Rather than building hand-eye coordination, it builds hand-mind coordination.

I find that solving this cube is a challenge above and beyond a normal rubik’s cube. It takes me significantly longer to solve than a normal cube. But as a result my speedcubing times on regular cubes have dropped exponentially. Because it uses areas of my brain a normal cube do not (memory/perspective… seeing it in touch and shapes rather than eyesight and color).

The step with the technique for prepping the surfaces to accept the glue is good. If the cube or metal bits are too slick, the epoxy will not have enough grip.

When Danny was working on his lasered interpretation of the idea, he found this one helpful.

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