Lego Code-Cracking Game

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Lego Code-Cracking Game


Lego uberbuilders the Family Vuurzoon built this cool Lego Mindstorms game, the Chinese Dragon’s Pearl, which has players attempt to solve a code to get a “pearl” — even better, there’s an accompanying dragon robot that reacts when you get his pearl!

6 thoughts on “Lego Code-Cracking Game

  1. GC says:

    Pretty cool, but isn’t it a little complicated for such a simple idea?

    looks just like mastermind.

  2. zachswordattacks says:

    This is an awesome mindstorm video! Thank you for sharing it. My brothers and I who are homeschooled have put together some videos of our lego mindstorms robot building projects. You can see them here:

    Thanks, Zach

  3. Liam says:

    do any of ya know the code for the code cracker on lego city?

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