LEGO Millennium Falcon build in time-lapse

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Boing Boing Gadget’s Joel Johnson celebrates 50 years of LEGO by tackling the Ultimate Collectors Millennium Falcon LEGO set, the biggest building set LEGO has ever produced. The results are a furry of time-lapsed bricking to some great bleep music.

While on BBtv, also check out the coverage of the recent Crucible fire-themed fashion show. Putting the hot in haute couture.

Vlog: 50 Years of LEGO — Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon Time-Lapse Video – Link

Hot Couture at the Crucible – Link

10 thoughts on “LEGO Millennium Falcon build in time-lapse

  1. SJSampson says:

    Really enjoyed this. I’ve always thought that a knack for legos is a sure sign of genius.

    aka my kids will only ever have legos.

    Oh, and what was the name of the song playing?

  2. Snowstone says:

    I just love legos, and love Star Wars, so it’s just great, and as soon as I can I’ll buy the Millennium Falcon ;)

    Where can I get the song that was playing in the video?

  3. Wes says:

    “…results are a furry…”

    Chewbaccian slip?

  4. ninja slacker says:

    you spelled fury wrong.

  5. dutchfreak says:

    ROFL how long will this take to make?
    ps. for the song seekers look in the credits for the name of the song and then GOOGLE it

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