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Unsatisfied with the limited catalogue of wordage offered by the household favorite Electronic Catch Phrase, Adam decided to make his own. Enter the expandable “Klugephrase” handheld game device –

You turn it on, and it shows a list of categories. you pick a category, and it shows you a word from that category. It ticks periodically, signifying a time limit. You can go forward and back through words, and you can mark words as completed. The buzzing gets faster, and the pace quickens. *BUZZ*! Your round is over. Your completed word score is shown.

It uses an Atmega168 for the core, and it is Arduino compatible. It can be reprogrammed and it has a telnet and Python front end for easily adding new words through USB. All the source for both the device and the wordlist updater is available at github, so feel free to browse or make changes.

And since games like this are often used for spurring socialization, playing via an interesting version you’ve made by hand will of course be much more effective. Much more detail on programming and hardware is available on Adam’s site.

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