Marbleart, a Twitter-based interactive marble run

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Marbleart, a Twitter-based interactive marble run

This is a twitter experiment enabling twitter users real time interaction with a physical art installation. The installation is a pyramid made from 5000 marbles, triggered by 5000 tweets. On its way to the pyramid each marble falls into a marble run filled with ramps, tunnels, pinwheels. You will see your marbles way through the rollercoaster live in the video streams below.

I think the thing might be jammed, because when I tested it out, I saw a little door opening but no ball came out. Wanna try it? Just tweet and watch the live feeds.

2 thoughts on “Marbleart, a Twitter-based interactive marble run

  1. Marcus says:

    You can use loop, left or right in you twitter message to get the marble to take different ways through the roller coaster. Ex. loop

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