Wearable eyeball sees what you can’t

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This conceptual sensory augmentation device is one of the creepier ones I’ve seen, I think because it seems to have a mind of it’s own. The Miruko wearable eyeball attaches to your body, and continually scans for monsters that only it can see. Once it finds one, you can follow it’s gaze to figure out where it is looking. To capture the moment, you pull out your trusty iPhone, which is running an augmented reality program, to finally see the virtual target. For now, it appears to be only looking for monsters, but I’m not sure I would trust it to do that for long. After all, it appears to be a monster itself, and why should it be loyal to us humans? If it starts leading people down dark tunnels, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

There aren’t any build instructions, but do you really want to unleash this kind of thing on the world? Ok, I agree. Anyone know how to build a monster detection sensor?

[via pink tentacle]

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