Modifying Xbox Controllers for Gamers with Disabilities: Ben Heck Shows How

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Modifying Xbox Controllers for Gamers with Disabilities: Ben Heck Shows How


Ben Heck has been a bit of a celebrity in the gaming and modding community for quite some time. He is probably best known as the guy who turns Xboxes and Playstations into portable, laptop-like gaming rigs. One of his other projects is to create custom controllers for people who have physical disabilities.

I find this topic to be very important as, some of you may know, I spend much of my free time doing the exact same thing. I call it The Controller Project. The biggest issue that I run into is time. I simply can’t keep up with the requests. What I really need are more people out there who are willing to do these mods and capable of pulling them off!

It would appear that Ben feels similarly. He has decided to show how to access all the important bits of an Xbox One controller and offered several tips on how to modify them for single handed use.

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This video has tons of great tips including the pinout for the Xbox One PCB connectors that should allow for much easier modification. If you’re watching this and you feel like you could solder some switches or move some thumbsticks, please contact me or go to any of the following sites and volunteer to help. There are far more people in need than there are volunteers.

Sites where you can volunteer to help:

The Controller Project
My personal site for helping with accessible game controllers

One Switch
A site devoted to custom interfaces

Able Gamers
A charity and forum for people with physical disabilities who game

Special Effect
A charity based in the UK

Diy Ability
Blog devoted to DIY equipment for people with physical disabilities


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