Oregon Manifest Bike Building Competition

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Oregon Manifest Bike Building Competition

Jamie Nichols and Phillip Ross, of Team Metrofiets, with one of their cargo bikes (not a utility bike for the competition)

The Oregon Manifest Constructor’s Design Challenge is a design and build competition where some of the best custom bike crafters in the US, along with student teams, vie to create the ultimate modern utility bike.

Imagine a new generation of sustainable transportation for city-dwellers — packaged in our favorite two-wheel vehicle, the bicycle. The Oregon Manifest design challenge is a marriage of American craft and global design thinking of the highest degree. A call for collective innovation in bicycle design, the Constructor’s Design Challenge is bringing together three creative collaborations between custom bike builders and global design houses to rethink bicycle design for a new generation. In addition to these three collaborations, there will be 35 open builder entries and five student teams who will answer the call for innovation. Over the next nine months, we’ll be tracking the progress of the three design house collaborations.

The teams are competing for $5,000 in prize money and all of the work of the teams will be celebrated and shown off at an event, Sept 23, 24, 2011.

Besides the content on the Oregon Manifest site, the Build Diaries on Core77 (the official media partner for the competition) are fun to follow.

Oregon Manifest Constructor’s Design Challenge

Bike builders compete to build best commuter bike ever

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