PlayStation 2 modchip on a memory card?

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PlayStation 2 modchip on a memory card?

Memor 32
This is really interesting, a PlayStation 2 modchip on a memory card. Around the web it appears that this can play backed up games, there is some debate in the comments so if someone knows for sure post on up… –

The PS2 is certainly no stranger to a continuous flow of great games which is why every hardcore gamer will adore the Memor 32. Featuring a unique USB based design, the Memor 32 is an advanced memory card for use on any PS2 and PSTwo systems around the world. Unlike standard memory cards, the Memor 32 will allow gamers to load and unload save games to and from the PC for use with the PS2. It’s compatibility is up there with the best, with over 1500 games tested and working perfectly.

PlayStation 2 modchip on a memory card – [via] Link.

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  1. Mycroftxxx says:

    While it is listed in the section labeled “modchips”, I saw nothing in this product’s description to indicate that it allows the playing of backup or homebrew media. Are we sure that this is a modchip, and not just a usb-addressable memory card?

  2. Magnin says:

    I don’t think this is a true modchip- it won’t let you play copied discs or homebrew apps, it’s just a memory card that has a built in USB interface to have a PC read it.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s very cool, but it doesn’t give you any more functionality than one of the various “cheat” discs. (ability to copy from a PS2 card to a PC, then back to the PS2 card)

  3. philliptorrone says:

    from what i read around the web it allows you to run backed up games.

  4. Magnin says:

    shoot… that’s what I get for not hitting preview

  5. philliptorrone says:

    i dont think they would put that as official documentation since they might not be able to sell it… poke around online, it seems to play backed up games.

  6. Bootllin says:

    i dont know anything about this, but i would guess that you can plug it into your computerto load somesort of soft mod on it, but idk weather it would be permenant, or you would need to load this eveytime you wanted to run unsigned code (homebrew, backups etc.)

  7. saehn says:

    Yes, it seems that the BIOS is hackable and the unit can then be used as a modchip. PAL (European) systems are currently supported (beta release), and NTSC (US & Austrailia) support is coming soon. Visit these sites for details:

  8. ClockworkPlanet says:

    Please re-think linking to the site that you have linked to. Your readers deserve better.

    Google result

  9. philliptorrone says:

    @ClockworkPlanet – MAKE readers are smart, as you can see in the comments – saehn confirmed “Yes, it seems that the BIOS is hackable and the unit can then be used as a modchip. PAL (European) systems are currently supported (beta release), and NTSC (US & Austrailia) support is coming soon”.

  10. ehrichweiss says:

    If it’s anything like the method a friend and I have been using then it’ll work. I think the method/program we use is called HDLoader and can be found as freeware all over if you look. We were able to backup our games to a hard drive and play from them without doing much more than booting from a PS1 game disk that we previously chose as the “key” disk and selecting the game we wanted to play from the menu.

  11. ClockworkPlanet says:

    Cool. I just wanted to point out that the seller has a history and was plastered all over the British press recently. I realise that there aren’t many alternative site with information at the moment.

  12. acidrain69 says:

    Note: This is not a modchip. It is a memory card that can be accessed from the PC. There were some older products (such as the Sharkport/Nport, which I have one) that let you plug a USB A to A cable with some glue logic in the middle. Using a special PS2 disc and some PC software, you could backup and restore files from the memory card. The PS2 had to be on and running the software to do this. This card on the site seems to cut out the middle man. Cool, but I only paid about $25 for my Sharkport.

    Having said that, there are softmods for the PS2, which involve setting up special files on a memory card. If you can get files onto a memory card, you can use the aforementioned HDLoader (which is NOT freeware, btw, it is a hacked commercial product), or another program called cogswaploader to do a swap trick (which you need a PS2 where you can swap out a disc w/o the PS2 knowing you opened the drive, ie fliptop or slidecard).

    There are a ton of methods for doing this, using the sharkport, using an AR max USB drive, borrowing a modded PS2, using a swap trick, etc etc. Look for independance exploit.

    I highly recommend this for older machines. My v4 PS2 has a dying laser, it barely ever reads DVDs anymore, but it reads CDs fine. I can store the games I own on the hard drive, and use a PS1 disc to trigger the PS2 into running HDLoader, and play games off the HD. Bonus: games load faster than they did off CD. You could have almost all your games on the PS2, accessible from a menu, and only need to carry one disc around. Nonbonus: not all games work (10%-15% don’t work).

    Google for Independence exploit, and check out afterdawn forums for information on all this. You can pull out the hard drive and use a program called winhiip to put games on the drive.

  13. mike says:

    the memor32 can be used as a softmod on a memory card, you need to download a program like toxic os and use your pc to transfer it over through the usb link cable. you may also need one of the other softmod files to start off the whole process.

  14. rocky randly says:

    I think I understand his request. PS1 PS2 memory card, but only PS1 games. PS2 memory card is not suitable only for PS2 and PS1 games. Each memory card can only be with the game system, the purpose is the same with the game!

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