Playstation2 controller interface guide

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Playstation2 controller interface guide

Ps2 Controller Pinout

Curiousinventor wrote a nice technical guide to working with ps2 controllers –

Despite the large number of guides already out there that describe how to communicate with a play station controller (or guitar hero), most do not cover all the details, or do so sparsely. We consolidated and tested all the info we could find in our new ps2 interface guide, including wiring connections, low and high level communication protocol. Also, MPLAB c source code for a PIC18f4550 is provided that demonstrates how to read all analog buttons (joysticks and button pressures) and control the vibration motors (works with the guitar hero controller, too). Most of the research was done while developing our MIDIATOR kit.

Interfacing a PS2 (PlayStation 2) Controller

PS2 controller -> MIDI converter kit

4 thoughts on “Playstation2 controller interface guide

  1. Jack Buffington says:

    The colors shown may not represent the colors that you might find on any given controller. I’ve used these for one of my clients for a few years and different makes and models of PS2 controllers have different colors….

  2. Borko says:

    As seen on
    white (unknown) wire is not connected.
    Keep up the good work!

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