Raven 1, drone 0

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Found on DIY Drones, this excellent video shows the dangers of sending your drone into a bird’s turf!

12 thoughts on “Raven 1, drone 0

  1. RocketGuy says:

    I love diy drones, and am building one myself.

    That said, I gotta root for the Raven.

    We hassle birds enough with big planes, so whenever I’m out with my RC wing, I do my best to “yield the sky” to them. I’ve had a few encounters with birds, but generally am able to outrun them and get out of their way.

    Also, Ravens will recognize and remember you. For years. Be nice or wear a ski mask. Seriously.

    1. dZed says:

      Some of the smartest birds out there, for sure. I applaud your deference to their space.

    2. vivi says:

      Do they make the association with you and the plane?

  2. npkeith.myopenid.com says:

    Everyone keeps calling this a raven, but it looks like a magpie to me – aren’t ravens all black and much bigger?

    It looks more like this:

    than this:

    Both are corvids, a family of birds that include crows, ravens, magpies, jays and others, and that are known to be inquisitive (curious), aquisitive (thieving…), and smart.

    Crows have been taped playing in the snow, and scrub jays are smart enough to move food they hid in the presence of another jay, after that jay is gone (I’m a thief, so he probably is too, better put it somewhere else…)

    Just geeking out a little…

  3. big body small brain says:

    it is simple,
    make bigger plane and attach a fearless cat

  4. gekizai says:

    “Git off mah lawn!”

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