Reflector Pockets for Cycling

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Reflector Pockets for Cycling

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Becky posted this great video on CRAFT about making a pair of reflector flaps that tuck into your back pockets when you’re not using them and can be deployed when you’re ready to ride. The project uses the 3M Scotchlite Plus Retroreflective vinyl that she showed off on the bike episode of Make: Live. Awesome stuff. Below is a flash image of her bike with the reflective vinyl visible.

This way to the CRAFT post and the Make: Project page.

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12 thoughts on “Reflector Pockets for Cycling

  1. tang says:

    you need special prefessional jerseys to ride the bike ,

  2. Fit says:

    Any ideas for cycling safety is good with us

  3. Shane Harvey says:

    why not put a magnet in each side of the fold, it would hold well enough for riding but allow easy removal.

    1. Josh Stratton says:

      Sounds a lot less painful then poking your ass with a safety pin

  4. AndrewS says:

    everyone can allready see you dumb cyclists with the amount of ridiculous flashing leds you cover yourselves with.
    being more annoying with reflective tape will only increase the amount of people knocked down by angry motorists with actually something important to do instead of namby pambying around preaching about how good bikes are.

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