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RFID poker table

From HackedGadgets:

James Brown, Shawn Ironmonger, Michael Moninski and Dan Moore from Purdue University put together quite the gambling machine. They made a Smart RFID Poker Table that could keep track of where chips where placed on the table…

“Our project aims to simplify the poker playing experience by providing each player at the table with information about the game in process. Using RFID, the Smart Poker Table will track the movement of poker chips in play and use this data to inform players of the state of the game. The Smart Poker Table will also record statistics on a web page for future reference.”

Smart Poker Table – Link

8 thoughts on “RFID poker table

  1. TheMountain says:

    As an Alum, I feel obligated to point out: pUrdue is a university, pErdue sells chickens.

  2. pepik says:

    Hmm. If I were a guest, I’d bring my own cards. If I were a host, I’d have a ‘special’ deck.

  3. volkemon says:


    The system tracks the chips…

    But I do see the possibilities now that you say it that way!

  4. Anonymous says:

    This could double as an anti-cheating device, and it would give casinos a good way to track people.

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