Robotic swarm over Switzerland

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Robotic swarm over Switzerland


Subscriber RocketGuy tipped us off to this EPFL School of Engineering project involving a fleet of swarming flying robots. Using an ant-inspired swarming algorithm running on a Linux SBC, this network of swarming micro air vehicles is purportedly the largest of its kind. [Thanks, RocketGuy!]

2 thoughts on “Robotic swarm over Switzerland

  1. RocketGuy says:

    Every facet of this project just has awesome just oozing out:

    Drones: Awesome
    Linux SBC: Awesome
    Aerial communications network: Awesome
    Flying wing: Awesome
    Evolution engineering: Awesome
    Switzerland: Awesome (both landscape, chocolate, and the LHC).

    I’m (very slowly) building a rather large single flying wing drone, but now I’m wondering about making smaller siblings for it…


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