Rock Band axe in a box

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Rock Band axe in a box

From the MAKE Flickr pool

Flickr member TheCase converted a busted RB guitar to an unusually compact version –

This is an initially unintended side effect of working on a Rock Band automatic guitar playing robot. The minimal set of electronics from a previously malfunctioning 360 wireless guitar (thanks Mig!) – also contains the relays needed for switching via a logic controller. All jammed inside a 6″ x 3″ x 2″ enclosure.

As I was building it, I decided to allow the controller to be used in a standalone fashion, independent of the sensors and logic controller (they can be conntected later via the 9pin D-Sub connector).

The buttons are just cheap old basic junk buttons, so moving around the “fret board” is a bit of a challenge. It is fun to play – has the feel of playing a tiny accordion…

Hmm, with one in each hand you might be able to handle both guitar and bass roles at once. More info on Flickr.