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Sing-Along Simon game


Here’s a different approach to the classic Simon game –

Sing-Along is a musical tone memory game in the tradition of the popular ’80s game Simon (Hasbro). Designed for one to three players, the ATtiny12 microcontroller-based device plays a random sequence of notes, and then listens for the player(s) to mimic the sequence by singing or humming. If the player does not respond within the allotted time or sings an incorrect note, then a “lose” sound will play. If the player correctly sings the entire 16-note sequence, then a “win” tune will play. After each correct answer, the device plays an even longer sequence. LEDs indicate which player’s turn it is. They’re also used to follow the notes as they are played or sung. The microcontroller’s analog comparator is fed by an analog front end, which processes the input from an electret microphone. An automatic gain control loop enables the ATtiny12 to detect inputs over a wide range of sound levels.

All that in a nifty enclosure – Mmmmmm, pyramids. – Sing-Along

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