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Oschoe’s Theo Jansen style robot uses Lego Power Functions (think Mindstorms without the microcontroller) to power it. As a bonus, it can be driven via remote control.

I started off with a very simple drawing of the legs and the motion required. After some trial and error with the ratio’s of the legs I managed to get the basic movement just right. After collecting enough of the right pieces I tried to build a 6legged version but getting that to run stable proved difficult. I decided to add two more legs and that made it run much more smooth. After a couple of runs of the 8-legged version it was obvious the legs did not have enough grip on the surface of the test area (my table :-)) I added ‘feet’; the parts touching the surface are made of rubber and that did the trick.

[Via The NXT Step]

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  1. TotalMonkey says:

    I think the video would have been better if, for music, they had used “Brick House.” :-D

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