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A few weeks ago at Maker Faire, I was chatting with my pal/longtime friend of CRAFT Kim Werker about the future of craft-related television, and what needs to change to make the kind of craft programing that crafters and makers will actually want to watch. So, when she told me about Taco Hat TV, her upcoming web show project with filmmaker Ben Z Cooper, I actually squealed out loud with excitement.

I like everything about their idea: there’s a focus on teaching actual skills instead of creating finished items, each guest will receive an honorarium for being on the show (read: they’re getting paid), and the project is being funded on Indiegogo by the actual community it will be serving. Basically, a professional crafter and a professional filmmaker are teaming up to do what they each do best—and with an actual business plan, no less—and I think it’s going to be awesome.


From the Taco Hat TV indiegogo campaign:

Taco Hat TV is a web show for curious people and makers. Where most DIY (do it yourself) shows try to cram instructions on how to make a particular project into a ridiculously short segment, our show is about teaching you skills and know-how you can use however you want. Our not-so-short segments (that aren’t too long!) will be full of information that isn’t rushed. By focusing on the fundamentals of various kinds of skills, we’ll arm you (and ourselves, let’s be honest), with a solid foundation for getting started, and enough knowledge to figure out what questions to ask next.

If you like what you see and want to support the project, Taco Hat TV is currently raising funds here.


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